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cropped-20170814_1153041.jpgInitial/Deep/First Time-One Time Clean: *Interior and Exterior Windows (Height Restrictions Apply); Sweeping and Mopping of Floors; Dusting of Surfaces; Cleaning of walls; Dusting Light Fixtures; ALL Trim, Baseboards, Doors, and Window Frames; ALL Toilets, Sinks (Bathtubs/Jacuzzi’s, and Showers If Applicable); Floor Cleaning (*Waxing and Buffing OPTIONAL), Vacuuming of Carpets; Mouths of Vents and Floor Heating Exchanges; ALL *Windows (including Tracks and Frames); Removal of Reasonable Trash. Sweeping and Dusting Entryways; Sweeping Driveways and Sidewalks; Dusting of Exterior Lights (Hight Restrictions Apply).

Maintenance Cleaning: Maintenance Cleanings are conducted on a scheduled basis (Weekly, Bi-20161005_130923Weekly, Monthly, Bi-Monthly, etc.), and can be provided at Three Levels of Expectations:

  1. Total Cleaning: Our Total Cleaning Maintenance Package involves a Top-to-Bottom cleaning/vacuuming of all unobstructed surfaces (desks, tables, floors, etc.), walls, restrooms, kitchens, interior windows, dusting of and around Televisions, CPU’s, Computer Monitors, and emptying of trash receptacles.
  2. Standard Cleaning: Our Standard Cleaning Maintenance Package involves a basic dusting, damp wiping, and vacuuming of unobstructed floors, desk tops, table tops, televisions, computer monitors, restrooms, kitchens, window sills, and emptying of trash receptacles.
  3. Customized Cleaning: Our Custom Cleaning Package allows the Client to design their cleaning package(s) to meet their individual needs. This option replaced our Economy Cleaning Package to give a Client more flexibility and to ensure that their cleaning needs and expectations are met.


          Have your carpets and Windows professionally cleaned. We use the Heated Extraction Method for all of our Carpet Cleaning applications, and we provide Three Carpet Cleaning Packages to satisfy your needs.

  • Pet Premium Package: Includes Pet Stain Pre-Treatment, Carpet Pre-Treatment, Shampoo and Extraction, Scotch Guard Protection Treatment, and Deodorization.
  • Plus Package: Includes Carpet Stain Pre-Treatment, Shampoo and Extraction, Deodorization.
  • Economy Package: Shampoo and Extraction.


We Clean Commercial and Residential Windows on an as needed basis, and/or a contracted basis.

  • Commercial Window Cleaning: Starting at $2.50 per pane. (Height Restrictions Apply)
  • Residential Window Cleaning: Starting at $2.00. (Height Restrictions Apply)

  NOTE: Pricing will be determined by the following factors: Clients Expectation (Standard                Cleaning, Total Cleaning, Customized Cleaning), and Completion of our Signature 6-               Point Assessment.

Please contact us for details on our Special Reduced Rates for Law Enforcement, Active Duty Military, Retired Veterans, and Fire and Rescue Personnel.

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