Note: Any item(s) with asterisk, or tagged as “Optional” are not included in the initial assessment/estimate, but may be included as an Addendum at an additional fee for service, unless noted in contract. Services not listed may be included upon request and ad hoc assessment.


  • Rough Clean (Phase One): After Framing, Plumbing, and Electrical Work are Completed and Inspected. Removal of Reasonable Debris and Trash; Removal of Stickers from Windows; Floors Swept and Surfaces Dusted. (as low as $.10 per sq.  ft.)
  • Rough Clean (Phase Two): Prior to Last Building Inspection Leading to the Final “Punch List” for all Contractors. Removal of Reasonable Debris and Trash; Removal of Remaining Stickers on Appliances, Fixtures, Cabinets, and Windows; Baseboards Cleaned as well as Light Fixtures, Door Frames, Interior Windows (Basic Cleaning Inside Only), Mirrors; Floors Vacuumed and Mopped as Necessary. (as low as $.15 per sq.  ft.) 
  • Final Interior and Exterior Clean (Phase Three): All Building Inspections Have Taken Place, no Other Contractors Will be Entering the Structure. (Interior) Cleaning of Walls (Including Remaining Dust, Dirt, Scuff Marks, and Smudges); Dust Light Fixtures; ALL Trim, Baseboards, Doors, and Window Frames; Detailed Cleaning of Kitchen(s), ALL Toilets, Sinks, Bathtubs/Jacuzzi’s, and Showers; Floor Cleaning (Waxing and Buffing OPTIONAL), Vacuuming of Carpets; Mouths of Vents and Floor Heating Exchanges; *Washing of ALL Interior Windows (including Tracks and Frames and Ledges); Removal of Trash, Plastic Coverings/ Stickers from Appliances, Cabinets. (Exterior) Removal of Reasonable Debris; *Washing of Exterior Windows; Sweeping and Dusting Entryways; Sweeping Driveways and Sidewalks; Hallways (if Applicable) Swept, Damp Mopped, or Vacuumed and Dusted; Dusting of ALL Exterior Lights. (as low as $.15 per sq.  ft.)

*$.2 per sq. ft.  increase for “Final Clean” would apply to any structure with floor to ceiling heights above 9 ft. having ledges, lighting fixtures, and other accessories which would require our staff to utilize a utility ladder to access for a thorough cleaning/dusting.

Note: Cleaning items requested after ANY phase has been completed and approved will be provided at an additional charge.

 **Window cleaning includes interior as well as exterior surfaces, and is billed at a rate of $9-$15 per window depending on size.